Which placeholders can be used in recurring invoices

It is possible to use placeholders in recurring invoices, which will turn automatically into date indication. These placeholders can be use in the profile of each recurring invoicein the field Date of services rendered and also in the description of articles.

Please note, that the placeholders will be shown as date in the final invoice only.



To insert previous or future dates, you can use simple calculations:

Example 1: for %%month_name day, year%% will turn into: May 20, 2014 in an invoice

Example 2: for %%month_name year // -1M%% will turn into the name of the last month and the current year


The following placeholders can be used:

Placeholder Possible calculations


- shows the complete date

+/ - 1D

- one day forward/ back


- shows first day of month

+/ - 1W

- one week forward/ back


- shows the last day of month

+/ -  1M

- one month forward/ back


- shows day

+/ - 1Y

- one year forward/ back


- shows month as number



- shows name of month



- shows year




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